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LankaBangla Finance Limited

Financial Position 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Growth of 2015 over 2014 5 Year CAG R (%)/Average*
Total Assets 22,380 25,339 32,648 39,030 50,448 29.25% 22.53%
Total Liabilities 16,293 18,672 25,619 32,807 44,099 34.42% 28.26%
Business Disbursement 4,444 6,370 11,070 19,750 35,763 81.08% 68.43%
Property Plant and Equipment 189 238 291 311 1,292 315.40% 61.68%
Current Assets 9,345 19,887 19,281 13,316 19,146 43.79% 19.64%
Current Liabilities 8,945 10,805 14,965 9,381 17,302 84.44% 17.93%
Net current assets 400 9,082 4,317 3,935 1,845 -53.12% 46.54%
Non Current Assets 13,035 5,452 13,367 25,715 31,301 21.73% 24.48%
Long Term Liabilities 7,348 7,867 10,654 23,427 26,797 14.39% 38.19%
Term Deposits 5,310 7,616 10,827 16,683 29,992 79.77% 54.16%
Total Investment Portfolio 20,666 23,517 31,265 37,119 47,605 28.25% 23.20%
Operational Performance  
Operating Revenue 3,410 3,537 5,189 5,100 6,237 22.29% 16.29%
Operating Expenses 627 794 892 1,285 1,612 25.46% 26.63%
Financial Expenses 1,397 2,148 2,731 3,033 3,715 22.49% 27.71%
Net Profit Before Tax 1,304 510 997 434 533 22.89% -20.05%
Net Profit After Tax 859 348 955 454 421 -7.28% -16.33%
EBITDA 2,818 2,808 4,369 3,909 4,717 20.68% 13.75%
Turnover of Share Trading by LBSL 229,162 135,335 135,795 181,674 148,645 -18.18% -10.26%
Financial Ratios  
Gross Profit Ratio 59.05% 39.29% 47.37% 40.53% 40.43% -0.24% 40.48%
Operating Profit Ratio 40.67% 16.86% 30.18% 15.34% 14.59% -4.90% 14.96%
Return on Capital Employed 7.12% 2.60% 5.35% 2.27% 2.01% -11.38% 2.14%
Cash reserve ratio/ liquidity asset ratio (Required 2.5%) 3.59% 2.80% 2.58% 2.64% 2.51% -4.74% 2.58%
Statutory Liquidity Reserve (Required 5%) 8.92% 7.57% 6.52% 6.00% 6.06% 1.00% 6.03%
Capital Adequacy Ratio (2011: Test Run. Effct. From 2012) 10.32% 19.6% 20.75% 17.26% 13.41% -22.31% 15.34%
Gross Non performing assets to gross advances/ Non performing loans (assets) to total loans (assets) 6.51% 3.96% 4.84% 4.05% 3.20% -20.99% 4.51%
Cost to Income Ratio 59.33% 83.14% 69.82% 84.66% 85.41% 0.89% 76.47%
Current Ratio 1.04 1.84 1.29 1.42 1.11 -22.04% 1.34
Debt Equity Ratio 2.85 2.88 3.75 5.38 7.04 30.86% 4.38
Financial Expense Coverage Ratio 1.99 1.28 1.57 1.26 1.24 -1.04% 1.47
Return on Equity (%) 15.03% 5.71% 14.34% 7.02% 6.81% -2.94% 9.78%
Return on Assets (%) 3.84% 1.46% 3.29% 1.27% 0.94% -25.73% 2.16%
"Credit Ratings"
Authorized Capital 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 0.00% 0.00%
Paid-up Capital 824 1,894 2,083 2,188 2,406 10.00% 30.75%
Shareholders' Equity 5,715 6,474 6,840 6,096 6,262 2.71% 2.31%
No. of Share Outstanding (Mn) 82.35 189.41 208.35 218.77 240.64 10.00% 30.75%
Net Asset Value (NAV) Per Share 23.75 26.90 28.42 25.33 26.02 2.71% 2.31%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)* 1.84 1.36 3.89 1.84 1.76 -3.97% -1.08%
Market Price Per Share (Closing)* 103.05 46.44 57.58 40.00 29.00 -27.50% -27.17%
Price Earnings Ratio (Times)* 55.93 34.25 14.81 21.77 16.44 -25.50% 28.64
Dividend Payment  (C-cash & B- bonus) 30% B - 10% B - 5% B 15% C 10% B 10% C 15% B 15% C   32%
Profit Per Employee (mn) 5.51 1.73 2.92 0.96 0.81 -15.66% 2.39
"Credit Ratings"              
Long Term A2 A2 A2 A2 A1    
Short Term ST-3 ST-3 ST-3 ST-3 ST-3  

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"LankaBangla has been developing its strategies for years based on diversification in markets with high growth potential, a customer-centric business model and technology as key elements in order to face the transformation process being experienced in its business segments. Sustaining earnings amidst challenging times and taking result oriented initiatives have helped us to elevate the company performance to the next level.”

Dear Stakeholders,

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful. May peace, mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon you. It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be here with you in the 19th Annual General Meeting of LankaBangla Finance Limited. On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and profound gratitude to all of you for your continuous support and guidance in achieving excellence in the performance of the Company. I am pleased to report that during the year 2015, LankaBangla has displayed sustained performance amid a slowing credit market and resultantly we have achieved high operating growth. From the macroeconomic stability perspective, our economy has been witnessing lower inflation, lower current account deficit, robust foreign exchange reserves, contained fiscal deficit, momentum in reforms and therefore, improved growth prospects. Hence, we believe that our economy is better placed for business growth following an interest rate decrease in the economy. Our strong funding position and capacity enhancement enabled us to support borrowers with a more accommodating pricing in loan portfolio.

You will be happy to know that during the year 2015 the Company’s standalone net profit after tax increased to highest level of BDT 1,030.01 million which is 58.05% higher over the year 2014. Operating revenue of the Company in 2015 stood at BDT 5,298.00 million which was BDT 4,090.00 million in 2014 reporting 30.00% increase. Operating expenses increased by 33.27% to a level of BDT 957.00 million against last year’s amount of BDT of 718.00 million mainly on account of overhead expenses due to significant increase in the physical spread and up-gradation of branch ambience; expected results from which will flow in the coming years. Consolidated profit after tax of the Company stood at BDT 421.00 million in the year 2105 against BDT 454.00 million in the previous year.

Total deposits of your Company have risen to BDT 30,080.86 million indicating 79.94% growth over that of last year’s level of BDT 16,717.17 million. Furthermore, it has been able to increase the retail deposits and the deposit profile of your Company shows a significant move away from high cost bulk deposits. Your Company’s strength lies in its wide reach covering all strata of society and the trust of the people. Due to this, the customer acquisition growth is also encouraging. Total investment portfolio of your Company has reached to BDT 47,605.00 million at the end of 2015 which was BDT 37,119.00 million at the end of 2014. Your Company has strengthened its reach by adding its network; three nos. of branches have been opened during the year 2015 at potential areas to capture emerging customers and three more branches are in the process of opening.

Risk is inevitable in the lending business and hence, a sound risk management framework is the touchstone of an efficient organization. Your Company has robust architecture to address various risks inherent in its business. The architecture includes mechanism of defining risk appetite, its monitoring, reporting and review. The objective of the architecture is to ensure that the asset quality is sustained against economic shocks and sufficient capital buffers are available to withstand those.

During the year 2015, there was sizable improvement in NPL status of the Company which is represented in its NPL ratio being decreased to 3.72% from previous year’s 5.08%. Special efforts were given during the year to reduce the NPL to a sizable extent in comparison to the industry.

Capital Adequacy Ratio of your Company stood at 14.17% as against Bangladesh Bank’s stipulation of 10.00%. LankaBangla has taken necessary measures to remain compliant, in line with the regulatory requirements, with regard to its forecasted future growth.

LankaBangla through LB Foundation has extended its support for underprivileged people of the community in particular to ensure their education, health and living. In 2015, we have extended support to unprivileged brilliant students to pursue their education, organized tree plantation program for protecting environmental and ecological degradation, distributed blankets among the poor people to protect them from cold wave, promoted creativity and cultural development of children through arranging art competition. We have also considerably achieved efficient business operations and conscience corporate governance and compliance to facilitate smooth and effective business. As a result we have been able to contribute for our sustainable society.

The Board of Directors of your Company believes in maintaining consistent dividend policy. Accordingly, considering the capital structure of the Company as well as future business plan the Board has recommended 15.00% cash dividend and 15.00% stock dividend for the year 2015.

I am very pleased to inform you that LankaBangla Finance Limited became the winner of the SAFA, an Apex Body of the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC), under Financial Service sector for the year 2014. LankaBangla Finance Limited was also adjudged as the recipient of SAFA award as overall winner for the year 2014 among all nine categories. This is a great achievement and matter of prestige and honour for the company. We believe that it will boost up the company’s corporate image and elevate its brand value. Our subsidiary company LankaBangla Securities Limited achieved certificate for outstanding performance securing 1st position in terms of turnover for consecutive eight years from 2006 to 2014 by Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and for consecutive nine years from 2005 to 2014 by Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE).

LankaBangla will continue to focus on further strengthening its capital and funding position so as to grow its business sustainably with better profitability. We are confident that with the strategic focus on people, processes and technology your Company will remain in the leadership position in the emerging business environment. To respond to increasing competition and other challenges, LankaBangla will make its business model more cost efficient and try to improve its earnings through an optimum mix of interest income and non-interest income. Keeping this in mind your Company is well positioned for growth during the year 2016. In the current economic environment, we will consolidate its positions by preserving healthy ratios and improve it further to ensure buoyant growth in its profitability and return.

I would like to thank the employees without whose efforts and commitment your Company would not be able to hold this strong position. I also like to extend my gratitude to Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited, Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, National Board of Revenue and all other regulatory authorities for their valuable guidance, support and co-operation. Finally, we stay committed to serve all of our stakeholders. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I pledge that we will continue to add value for the shareholders through execution of prudent business strategies whilst ensuring that we contribute towards the achievement of national priorities.

We are encouraged by and grateful for the ongoing support of all our shareholders. I solicit your continued co-operation and patronage in future also.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,
Mohammad A. Moyeen

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Managing Director's

Review & Statement

"In 2016, LankaBangla is entering to another growth trajectory. With a larger platform we are well positioned for large scale expansion of our personal financial services and SME financial services. We have been emerging as customer centric financial institution with full range of financial services.”

Dear Stakeholders,

2015 was another year of economic progress for Bangladesh achieving 6.51% real GDP growth surpassing other regional peers. Bangladesh has seen low inflationary environment, high surge in FOREX reserve, relatively stable exchange rate even in global currency market shake ups. Government was less dependent on the banking sector for credit while private sector credit started only slowly picking up. Money market was very vibrant and rate structure has been revised downward several times.

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