Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) of LankaBangla is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into our business model based on the objective of good business for good society. LankaBangla in its core management concept and corporate responsibility integrated CSR with focus on social and environmental concerns in all business operations and interactions with its stakeholders including shareholders,customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, local communities and other organizations.

With these CSR policies & principles, our organization believes in achieving a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives (“Triple-Bottom-Line- Approach”)besides safeguarding interest of stakeholders. We have also considerably achieved efficient business operations and conscience corporate governance and compliance to facilitate smooth and effective business. As a result we have been able to contribute for our sustainable society.LankaBangla through its Foundation extends its support for underprivileged people of the community in particular to ensure their education, health and living.

CSR activities of 2015 of LankaBangla Foundation:

Supporting education of underprivileged brilliant students:

LankaBangla Foundation always stands beside the underprivileged brilliant students to pursue their higher education. Scholarship program of the Foundation for these students is a platform to ease the challenges to reach their aim in life. We extend this continuous financial support to make their dreams come true. Supporting education sector for building an enlightened society is not new for LankaBangla. Journey started from 2010 and continues till to date with an immense priority on education for building knowledge based society

We provide financial support to SSC completed poor brilliant students to continue their HSC and graduation with an objective to help them to become self-sufficient in life.Scholarship program is one of the sustainable programs of CSR of LankaBangla Foundation. Voices from some of the scholarship holders who achieved their aim-in-life with the support from Foundation indicate that CSR initiatives from LankaBangla significantly contributed to build a sustainable society.

In 2015, a total number of 64 students received financial assistance of BDT 2.1 million to pursue their higher education. At the end of 2015 total 5 nos. of students completed their graduation. Three of them are already in their professional life and other 2 students are still pursuing further higher education. Moreover, 5 students are pursuing their education in different Medical Colleges.

LankaBangla Foundation Scholarship was like a new sun shine in the dark nights for me. For a poor student like me, continuing higher study was difficult because I had to think about my earning to support my education. LankaBangla has taken the burden on their shoulder and gave me the chance of concentrating my full time only in study. I feel no hesitation to state that if LankaBangla were not beside me, I might not be able to continues my study properly.Throughout my under graduation LankaBangla Foundation was like a trusted, effective, exemplary and exceptional partner who had ease my path to reach my destination. I was supported by the scholarship from mid 2010 till my last month of graduation.Presently, I am working as a Fellow in Teach For Bangladesh. I am looking forward for further improvement of my career

Mashfiq Tamim


Teach for Bangladesh

I could never think of my present condition if I were not studying well in my under graduation. I could never think of effective study in my university time if the scholarship were not there. My family did not have financial strength to support for my engineering study.But LankaBangla Foundation stood beside me and supported my higher education. Soon after I got the scholarship I did not require to look back - just concentrated on my study. I have no hesitation to say if the scholarship was not there I might not be able to be here where I am now - showing all my excellences. I am indebted to LankaBangla Foundation. Thanks for the scholarship. Thanks for everything.

Tawfiq Protim

Sr. Executive, Runner Group

I’m Md Tuhinur Rahman, BSc (Hons), MSc (Ongoig), Dept. of Physics, University of Dhaka. I have been a stipend holder from LankaBangla Foundation (LBF) since June 2010.

Without the financial help from LBF it would be difficult to continue my study. To me LBF is the silent guardian and blessing for me and I strongly believe that other students who receive the financial help from the Foundation have the same feelings. I am blessed and privileged to have LankaBangla on my side. The way LBF helps poor talent students it is actually “Unique” and “Exemplary”. I also feel that LankaBangla has the strength and goodwill to “set the bar very high” in helping poor students so that it can become one of the best Foundation. I have high hope that LBF will continue helping and encouraging the poor and talented students who face financial barrier in completing their studies

Md. Tuhinur Rahman

BSc(Hons.), MSc(ongoing)

Deptt. of Physics, University of Dhaka

Financial Assistance for education for Children of deceased Ex-Officios

LankaBangla Foundation continued its support for education as part of its CSR activities. This support is extended to two female students who are daughters of two deceased officials of sister concerns of LankaBangla Finance Limited.

  • Foundation contributed an amount of BDT 164,000.00 (in two installments - for one year support) to Ms. Nora Sumlina (daughter of Late M. Shakil Islam Bhuiyan, ExCEO,LankaBangla Investments Limited) to continue her studies
  • Foundation also contributed an amount of BDT 363,655.00 (in two installments) to Ms. Auritree Ahmed (daughter of Late Mr. Golam Faruk, Ex-Managing Editor of the Daily BonikBarta) to continue her studies

Protecting Environmental & Ecological Degradation through Tree Plantation

Another core area of CSR of LankaBangla Foundation is to extend support to protect environmental & ecological degradation through tree plantation every year. In 2015,the Foundation undertook tree plantation program on 25 August 2015 at Daudkandi Upazila. In total 1,500 saplings of fruit-bearing, wood-trees & medicine-trees were planted at the premises of different institutions and distributed among students of different institutions of the Upazila. The plantation & distribution was supported by the local government of Daudkandi Upazila

Support For Local Community To Protect From Cold Wave

In Bangladesh, during winter ultra-poor people fight against cold every year and LankaBangla Foundation distributes blankets every year to facilitate better comfort to the ultrapoor people. This year the Foundation distributed more than 4,000 blankets among the cold victims poor people of different districts. Beside the tradition, we have distributed small number of blankets to different orphanages of Gazipur, Sirajganj, Dhaka Cantonment and among hindu community of Loknath Shrine of Narayanganj.

Support For Renovation And Modernization Of Library

LankaBangla Foundation donated additional financial support of BDT 210,980 to renovate & modernize Library of different Colleges. Last year for the same purpose Foundation donated an amount of BDT 2,115,956. In 2015, LankaBangla Foundation arranged 3rd Art Competition for children in Chittagong. “Six-seasons of Bangladesh” was the theme of art competition. LankaBangla Finance Limited selected top 12 arts works and printed in the calendar of 2016 of LankaBangla with caption of the respective names of the children and his/her schools. This unique facilitation definitely boosts up the children who won the competition and also keep alive the intention of others to compete in future.

Creativity And Cultural Development Of Children Is An Integral Part Of CSR Of LankaBangla Foundation

Creativity and cultural development of children is an integral part of CSR of LankaBangla Foundation. The Foundation organizes art competition for the school children every year with focus on psychological and cultural development. Our endeavor is to help the children to become familiar with our rich cultural heritage and also to explore their hidden creativity.

Early Childhood

Education Prograns

We have extended our hands to two organizations too which are organizing informal education programs in the slum areas of Dhaka City Corporations. Eminence is operating some ECD (Early Childhood Development) education programs for the underprivileged children in slum areas to support them keep in education track. We have provided Eminence an amount of one year's operating cost to run one ECD Centre in 2012. CCP Foundation also operating same kind of informal education for the underprivileged children in Slum area of Uttara, we also support their one year's operating cost for the center.

We have extended our hands to two organizations too which are organizing informal education programs in the slum areas of Dhaka City Corporations. Eminence is operating some ECD (Early Childhood Development) education programs for the underprivileged children in slum areas to support them keep in education track. We have provided Eminence an amount of one year's operating cost to run one ECD Centre in 2012. CCP Foundation also operating same kind of informal education for the underprivileged children in Slum area of Uttara, we also support their one year's operating cost for the center.

Early Childhood

Education Prograns

Helping Victims

of Natural Calamities

Bangladesh remains the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and gets affected in natural calamities, like flood, cold wave etc. almost every year. When our countrymen get affected in calamities we support the affected communities by extending relief to the victims and their loved ones. This year we distributed 2,000 pcs blankets to the underprivileged peoples of Rangpur, Kurigram&Lalmonirhat.

Support to

Boost Up Children for Better Future

LB Foundation have organized Art Camp for the School Children under the slogan of "BornerUthsashe Bangla Amar" in Chittagong in 2013 to boost up their thinking capacity which will help them to be more vigilant in education and lead to a brighter future. LB foundation provided BDT 140,013 to organize the program. LB Foundation has a plan to initiate such programs in future on regular basis.


for Underprivileged Rural Peoples

Most of our poor citizens in rural areas are suffering from blindness problems at their old age due to lack of proper nutrition. In Bangladesh, 80% of the total case of blindness is caused by cataract. As 49.80% people are living below the poverty line so they are not able to pay the service cost for health. To support those suffered peoples Kishoreganj Eye Hospital (KEH) established in 2006 on the mission to 'Provide high quality eye care services to the community rural people for prevention and eradication of avoidable blindness'. The total population of that area reaches to 1.58 million till 2013 and KHE performed about 15,000 eye surgeries. KEH has an excellent team of skilled Ophthalmologist, Surgeons and Ophthalmic personnel to serve the rural people eye care in this region. In 2013 we have donated for medical equipment to the value of BDT 957,000.00 to support the treatments. We assure our continuous support to KEH for the betterment of the KEH and the peoples of that area.


Relief fund (Rana Plaza)

At LankaBangla, we also raised our hands to support the victims of Rana Plaza, at Savar, Dhaka. We provided BDT2,500,000.00 to PM relief fund.

Kendra (NUK)

LankaBangla encourages the empowerment and development of women. For this reason LankaBangla donated BDT 669,500 to NariUddog Kendra for the development of women.

Other Support
& Aid

At LankaBangla, we also raised our hands to support other people. We have supported BDT 500,000 to new generation Artist Syed FidaHossian for his cancer treatment. We also donated BDT 50,000 to Abu SayedChowhury for his mother's treatment.