Home is a dream of a person that shows the quantity of efforts, sacrifices luxuries and above all gathering funds by little to afford one’s dream. Home is one of the things that everyone wants to own. Home is a shelter to person where he rests and feels comfortable.

A new home brings with it new hopes, joys and emotions. At LankaBangla, we have shared new hopes, joys and emotions with our customers. Our home loan product is customized to provide solutions with flexible option, guidance and helping one to fulfill the housing needs.

Why choose our
Home Loan

  • Highest loan ceiling of BDT 100 million
  • Loan term up to 30 years including maximum 12 months moratorium period
  • EMI calculation on Monthly Reducing Balance Method
  • Partial Prepayment or Early Settlement options at any time on outstanding principal amount.
  • Approval of home loan before purchase of apartment for high net worth customer
  • Loan disbursement during the construction stage
  • Disburse against tripartite agreement or registered mortgage
  • Top up facility
  • Loan takeover facility
  • Semi Fixed and Variable interest rate – anyone can choose
  • Loan facilities for Non-Resident Bangladeshis

What are the

  • Purchase of readymade apartment/ commercial space/ building for residential/ commercial purpose including used property.
  • Purchase of under construction (ongoing) apartment/ commercial space/ building or to be constructed apartment/ commercial space/ building of an under construction (ongoing) building for residential/ commercial purpose.
  • Construction of own residential/ commercial building/apartment/space or extension/ modification thereof for residential/ commercial purpose
  • House renovation/ modification/ face uplifting/ finishing work.

What are the

  • Age limit: minimum 21 years, maximum 70 years (at loan maturity)
  • Salaried person, businessman, self-employed, or a person who has fixed rental income
  • Minimum justified net income of BDT 50,000/-
  • Any lucrative areas in Bangladesh like all the Municipality/City Corporation /Upozilla Sadar in Bangladesh & adjacent area of the Municipality/City Corporation /Upozilla Sadar in Bangladesh
  • Having 2 years’ service & 3 years' experience in the related business


  • Application Form duly filled up and signed
  • Valid Photo ID (National ID/ Passport/ Driving License) of Applicant(s)
  • Valid Photo ID of Guarantor(s)
  • Studio Photographs of applicant(s) (self-Attested)
  • Studio Photograph of guarantor(s) (Attested by applicant and Guarantor)
  • eTIN Certificate( IT10B is required if applicable)
  • Copy of Utility bill- Electricity/ WASA/Gas (If applicable)
  • Bank Statement of last 12 months.


  • Proposed property and/or any property acceptable to LankaBangla may be taken as collateral. Property is required to be Registered Mortgage through TPA (Tripartite Agreement) or Registered Mortgage as per Law prevailing in Bangladesh.