Large Corporate unit provides a diverse array of solutions for the corporate houses to expand their business and realize their vision. Large Corporate also actively takes part in refinancing schemes provided by Bangladesh Bank and other foreign funds like Fund from ADB, JICA, Sustainable Finance, Lead Certified Building, ETP Plantation, etc.

  • In 2021, Large Corporate Disbursed BDT 3,582.00 Million. Around 75 nos. of customers were served.
  • At the year-end 2021, portfolio stood at BDT 15,503.29 Million. Portfolio growth was 11.39%. Percentage of Non-Performing loan was 2.70%.
  • In 2021, LC successfully settled Problem Account amounted to BDT 142.85 million. Total Collection during 2021 was BDT 3,161.49 Million.
  • During the year LC achieved total Fee based Income of BDT 10.65 Million, which was 143.15% of assigned target of BDT 7.44 million.

Emerging Corporate unit offers comprehensive suite of products & services to cater the growing needs of emerging corporate customers from various business segments. Being a relatively new Department, Emerging Corporate of LBFL started its operation on a full- fledged basis from 2019 and since then, it has been evolved as one of the most preferred financial partners of the emerging corporate customers.

  • In 2021, Emerging corporate disbursed BDT 3,152.79 Million. Around 57 nos. of customers were served.
  • At the year-end 2021, Portfolio stood at BDT 7,454.65 Million. Percentage of Non-Performing loan was 1.35%.
  • In 2021, EC successfully settled Problem Account amounted to BDT 456.52 million. Total Collection during 2021 was BDT 3,126.62 Million.
  • During the year EC achieved total Fee based Income of BDT 17.25 million, which is 426.98% of assigned target of BDT 4.04 million.
  • Great service begins with great ethics at the core
  • Our relationship with you starts with our amazing service ethics.
  • Contact us at the nearest branch of your locality.
  • Dedicated team of experts to handle all your financing needs.
  • Extensive research into your industry and business to ensure project success.
  • Dedicated relationship manager for single point communication.
  • Specialist managers to help you expand your vision and proper decision making.
  • Service delivery in shortest possible time
  • Every one of our clients has a dedicated Relationship Management Team that knows their business.
  • These Relationship Management Teams provide a knowledgeable and empowered single point of contact for all of your business financial requirements.
  • LankaBangla Finance Limited prides itself on employee retention and development, and therefore you can expect to have continuity with the people in which you have built a relationship.
  • To better support our customers, our business is specialized into different distinct units
  • Each specialized group has its own Relationship Management Teams that pride themselves on their sub-specialties
  • Through their focus on industry sub-specialties, our Relationship Management Teams have developed a wealth of understanding about their industry; knowledge which in turn benefits our clients.
  • Our credit teams are also aligned with our industry approach to business to ensure our analysis is in tune with current market realities.
  • Many of our Relationship Management Teams are supported by industry specialists (e.g. technicians) that are intimately involved with our processes to ensure effective client relations.
  • We are dedicated and committed and have been serving this market for over 15 years.
  • Being a local provider, our credit decisions are made here in Bangladesh, which results in responses that are in tune with our local market, in a timely manner.
  • We are where you are. We have a wide market presence, with Corporate Financial Services locations in Bangladesh. Our branches extend to communities in every corner of the province.
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