Short Term Loan: Financing facility for meet up sudden business requirements like procuring additional raw materials, spare parts for machineries, wages payment, supplier payment etc.

Revolving Short Term Loan: Financing for replenishing working capital arises from business expansion or to cover day to day business operation.

Distributorship Financing: Financing for working capital support to the wholesale distributors of renowned local/multinational corporate houses for strengthen their capital base as well as expending the periphery of client.

Work Order Financing: Financing short term working capital support to vendors for undertaking a specific order.

Import Documents Release Loan: Financing for short term financial support to importers for releasing imported goods from port.


  • Facility Amount: Loan amount is above BDT 10.00 million to BDT 150.00 million.
  • Facility Type: Short Term Loan
  • Loan Term: 12 months.
  • Payment mode: EMI/Structured/ monthly/ quarterly interest payment with principal at the end of tenure etc.
  • Security: Land, building, flat etc. as collateral

What are the

  • Business experience : Minimum 5 years experience in the same line of business.
  • Sole-proprietorship, Partnership and Limited Companies can apply for the loan. In case of Sole-proprietorship business, the age of the entrepreneur should be Minimum 21 years & maximum 60 years..


  • Copy of updated Trade License [Enlistment and Licensed documents issued by regulatory authority]
  • Photographs of Applicant and guarantor(s)
  • Valid NID/Passport/Driving License of Applicant and Guarantor(s) Trade License, E-TIN
  • Bank statement of last 12 (Twelve) months
  • Copy of Utility bill
  • Rental deed copy
  • Necessary Security Documents.