Agro Processing Industries are developing rapidly in Bangladesh & it is creating a huge impact to develop the economy from the view of huge employment generation, Improve livelihoods of people, export diversification & GDP growth. Thus, realizing the importance of this sector LankaBangla Finance PLC. now opens the door by launching the product “Swarnali” for financing the Agro Processing Industries all over the country.

The List of Agro-Based Product Industry :

  • Processed food from fruit (jam, jelly, juice, sauce, pickles etc);
  • Fruits (Tomato, mango, guava, jackfruit, litchi, coconut, sugarcane), vegetables and dal processing;
  • Production of biscuit, shemai, laccha, chanachur, noodles etc;
  • Production of flour, shuji etc;
  • Processing of mushroom and spirulina;
  • Production of starched product like glucose, dextrose, starch etc;
  • Industry of Milk processing and processed milk food (Powder milk, ice cream, condensed milk, sweet, cheese, butter, chocolate, curd, ghee etc);
  • Industry of Potato processed food (chips, potato flex, stirs etc);
  • Industry of spices (guramosola);
  • Industry of Refining and hydrogenation of edible oil;
  • Industry of salt processing;
  • Processing and freezing of Lobsters and other fishes;
  • Industry of herbal cosmetics manufacturing;
  • Industry of Unani, Ayurbedic and Homeopathy medicine production;
  • Industry of balanced food production for hens, ducks, cows and other pet animals;
  • Seed processing and preservation;
  • Manufacturing of jute products;
  • Manufacturing of silk clothes (reshom);
  • Installing and repairing of machineries used in agriculture;
  • Production of rice, crispy rice, chira, khoi, muri etc;


  • Loan Amount up to BDT 50.00 million
  • Lower Interest rate
  • Purpose of the loan must be in fixed asset purchase, business renovation, construction, etc.
  • Out of Divisional & Narayangonj Pouro area
  • 100% refinance facility from BB against lending program
  • Fixed asset must be within BDT100.00 million (excluding land & building)

What are the

  • Business experience : Minimum 2 years experience in the same line of business
  • Age : Minimum 21 years & maximum 60 years
  • Project Location : Must be Outer of Divisional area & Narayangonj Pouro area


  • Copy of updated Trade License
  • Photographs of Applicant and guarantor(s)
  • Valid NID of Applicant and Guarantor(s) Trade License, E-TIN
  • Bank statement of last 12 (Twelve) months
  • Copy of Utility bill
  • Rental deed copy
  • Land Documents (if applicable)
  • Additional permission license required for specific business (as applicable on case to case basis)