LankaBangla Finance opens the door for young, dynamic & innovative entrepreneurs by introducing the product Somporko. SOMPOKO is a loan facility for Start Up businessman/member of I am CMSME of Bangladesh who is involved in Cottage, Micro & small enterprises (defined as per Bangladesh Bank Prudential Regulations) such as trading, manufacturing, service, agriculture, non-farm rural activities, agro-based industries, and many other acceptable sectors spread all over Bangladesh.


  • Facility Type : Term Loan
  • Loan Amount: From 0.3 million to BDT 2.5 million
  • Loan Term : Up to BDT 1.5 million 36 months & above BDT 1.5 million 48 months
  • Security: From BDT 0.3 million to BDT 1.5 million no collateral is required but above BDT 1.5 million collateral is required
  • Equity: The new entrepreneur ought to bear at least 20% of the proposed project cost
  • Qualification: The entrepreneur should present a certificate of successfully completing entrepreneurship training from any institution(s)accredited by BB
  • Grace Period: 3 months for manufacturing concern.

What are the

  • Business experience : Minimum 1 month
  • Age : Minimum 18 years & maximum 45 years


  • Copy of updated Trade License
  • Photographs of Applicant and guarantor(s)
  • Valid NID/Passport/Driving License of Applicant and Guarantor(s) Trade License ,E-TIN
  • Copy of Training certificate about Entrepreneurship
  • Copy of Utility bill
  • Rental deed copy