LankaBangla Finance PLC. and Universal College Bangladesh  Forges a Unique Collaboration to Shape the Future of Education and Finance in Bangladesh


In a historic move that promises to reshape the landscape of education and finance in Bangladesh, Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), a premier transnational education institute, and LankaBangla Finance PLC. (LBF), a leading provider of integrated financial services, have officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the quest for holistic development, benefiting not only students but also the financial sector and the nation at large.

On October 01, 2023, Mr. Khwaja Shahriar on behalf of LankaBangla Finance PLC. (LBF) and Mr. Manas Singh on behalf of Universal College Bangladesh (UCB) signed the MoU at the corporate head office of Lankabangla Finance PLC. Mr. A. K. M. Kamruzzaman, FCMA, Head of Operations; Mr. Mostafa Kamal, FCA, Group Company Secretary; Mr. Khurshed Alam, Head of Retail Financial Services; Mr. Shamim Al Mamun, Chief Financial Officer; Mr. Mohammad Hafiz Al Ahad, Head of Human Resources of LankaBangla Finance PLC. and Mr. Amit Prasad, Chief Operating Officer of Universal College Bangladesh and Mr. S M Rahmatul Mujeeb, FCA – Chief Financial Officer of STS Capital Ltd. were also present at the signing ceremony.

Universal College Bangladesh, also known as UCB, with an aim to empowering the future is no stranger to excellence. As the first Ministry of Education-approved premier transnational education institute in Bangladesh, UCB has consistently delivered world-class, affordable international education. With a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment of academic excellence, UCB stands as a beacon of innovation in the education sector by providing educational curriculum and degree to country’s students from world class educational institutions such as London School of Economics and Political Science (LSEPS), University of London (UoL) and Monash University etc. The MoU signed between LBF and UCB outlines a partnership, A Collaboration of Visionaries that aims to achieve the objectives of both institutions. Both parties recognize the immense value of combining their strengths and resources to create a unique collaboration that benefits the education sector and the financial industry. LBF commits to serving as one of UCB’s placement partners, extending internships and training opportunities to students. This alliance seeks to bridge the chasm between academia and industry, providing students with invaluable real-world experience and a springboard to burgeoning careers. The collaboration encompasses knowledge-sharing initiatives, wherein LBF personnel will deliver guest lectures, dispense career guidance, and partake in mentoring sessions at UCB. This cross-pollination of expertise will enrich the educational journey for students and bestow on them invaluable insights into the financial sector. UCB and LBF will join forces in embarking on special projects of mutual interest, further cementing their partnership and stoking the flames of synergy between education and finance.

In an impassioned address, Mr. Khwaja Shahriar, the Managing Director & CEO of LankaBangla Finance PLC., lauded the partnership, stating, “we firmly believe in the potential of our youth, and through this partnership, we will empower them with practical experience and knowledge that will help them make a significant progressive impact in their careers”. Alongside, Mr. Manas Singh, the Chief Executive Officer of UCB, underscored the profound significance of this collaboration, stating, “We are exhilarated to join forces with LankaBangla Finance and this partnership not only serves the interests of our students by furnishing them with invaluable industry exposure but also strengthens our connections with the corporate realm. We firmly believe that this collaboration will unlock new horizons for our students, propelling them towards thriving careers in the financial industry.”