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Provident Fund

Our deposit schemes are designed to honor our corporate employees. Employee Provident Fund Offers the employees to create a Security Deposit in the form of a Fixed Deposit that can be withdrawn only with due consent from the Company.

Employee Provident Fund

Earn higher returns

On the Deposits

Employee Provident Fund

Safe and secure

Money Deposit

Employee Provident Fund

Flexible time


Employee Provident Fund

A dedicated Sales

Executive just a call away

Required Documents
  • Trade license
  • TIN
  • Board Resolution
  • Photographs of Signatories
  • Copies of National ID/Passport/Valid ID of Signatories
  • Trust Deed
  • NBR Certificate (If Available)
  • Memorandum/Articles of Association (MOA). (If Available)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Employees’ provident fund of Corporate Houses
Fees and Charges
  • Taxes will be applied on deposit accounts as per Government rules and regulations.
  • Excise duty and Levies will be applied on deposit accounts as per Government rules and regulations.

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    Particulars 2021 2020
    Long Term AA3 AA3
    Short Term ST-2 ST-2
    Outlook Stable Stable
    • AA3

      Very strong capacity
      Very high quality
      Very low credit risk

    • ST-2

      High grade
      Strong capacity
      Commendable liquidity

    Rated by Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited(CRAB)
    Based on audited financial statements up to December 31, 2020, unaudited financial statements as of March 31, 2021 and other relevant quantitative as well as qualitative information up to the date of rating declaration (July 19, 2021)
    Valid up to June 30, 2022