Contactless EMV Card

Enables fast and easy payment

LankaBangla Contactless EMV card enables fast and easy payment for goods and services under or equivalent to BDT 3,000 (As per regulation of Bangladesh Bank) without entering a PIN. Cardmember can simply tap their card at designated Contactless Credit Card POS terminals & pay.

If the merchant shop does not have a contactless machine installed, you can do transaction or make payment at all VISA / Mastercard POS terminal over Bangladesh without transaction amount limit, using your PIN which is already facilitated on your Contactless EMV Card.

Payment Method

  • Step:1

    Look for the Contactless (Wave) symbol at the Point of Sale (POS) terminal

  • Step:2

    The cashier/teller/manager of merchant shop will enter your purchase amount into the terminal. This amount will be displayed on the POS display.

  • Step:3

    You need to tap your card over the Contactless symbol, hold your card over the reader at close range (within 4 centimeter from where the Contactless symbol appears).

  • Step:4

    When the transaction is successful, the POS display will indicate “Approved” and the terminal may produce a beep sound or 3 flash green lights.

***Please call LBFL Contact Center 24X7 at 16325 or +8809611016325 for details