LankaBangla Mastercard/ VISA Card brings you a growing range of benefits. Say goodbye to your worries, with immediate acceptance at all Mastercard & VISA Card merchants & ATM machines in the country. Live comfortably with stress-free and safe transactions twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

  • Maximum Limit BDT 10 lac
  • Unsecured & revolving credit line
  • Safer substitute to cash
  • Monthly billing on purchases & cash withdrawals
  • Partial payment options
  • Card members can pay outstanding in full to avoid any interest payments
  • Minimum required payment per month: 5% or BDT 500 whichever is higher
  • Interest free periods – Minimum of 15 days or Maximum 45 days
  • Cash Withdrawal Facility – 50% of Credit Limit, No Interest Free period on Cash Advance
  • Interest calculated daily, applied monthly on billing date
  • LankaBangla Card Cheque may be issued in favor of VISA Card members enabling him/her to make payments through A/C payee Cheques. You may issue cheques as long as there is sufficient credit limit available on your credit card.
  • Bank Statement authorization letter/Bank Verification Letter
  • Trade License (Two years Business Length Proof for self-employed)
  • CIB undertaking form
  • Recent Passport size Photograph (Two copy)
  • Business Card, Employee ID Card
  • Salary Certificate/Pay Slip
  • Copy of E-TIN, NID/Passport
  • LankaBangla has introduced BEFTN for Mastercard member’s convenience. Enjoy hassle free transfer of unused credit limit from your LankaBangla Mastercard to your own Bank Account through BEFTN.
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LankaBangla Card Type

Card Type Currency Valid In Limit Range
Titanium Mastercard BDT Bangladesh BDT 1,50,000-10,00,000
Mastercard Gold BDT Bangladesh BDT 60,000-1,49,999
Mastercard Classic BDT Bangladesh BDT 20,000-59,999
VISA Platinum BDT Bangladesh BDT 1,50,000- 10,00,000
VISA Gold BDT Bangladesh BDT 60,000- 1,49,999
VISA Classic BDT Bangladesh BDT 20,000-59,999
Mastercard Shikha Titanium BDT Bangladesh BDT 150,000-1000,000
Mastercard Shikha Gold BDT Bangladesh BDT 60,000-149,999
Mastercard Shikha Classic BDT Bangladesh BDT 10,000-59,999

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  • Shikha titanium

    Shikha Mastercard

  • Shikha Gold

    Shikha Mastercard

  • Shikha classic

    Shikha Mastercard

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Latest Offers

Discount Privilege

By using the LankBangla Credit Card you can get special discount privilege from selective outlet.

So why late ! Use LBF Cards for your desire items & get the special discount.

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ezypay Scheme

What is ezypay?

ezypay is an installment scheme which helps you to make your purchases more convenient. It allows you to convert your big-ticket retail purchase made by your LankaBangla Credit Card and LankaBangla Card Cheque into an installment scheme. After taking the scheme you can pay back the amount in EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) from 3 to 24 months. If you are a Cardmember of LankaBangla you will be able to avail this facility.

0% Interest Scheme

Enjoy 0 % interest per month on your purchases (BDT 10,000 and above) from our 0% merchant partners:

Electronics & DeviceFurnitureHealthcareE-CommerceBike & Bi CycleHome ApplianceBeauty CareLifestyleTours & TravelsAuto MobileGroceryOthers

LankaBangla Credit Card

Schedule of Fees & Charges of Credit Cards

See Fees Detail Table
Type of Card Classic mastercard/VISA Card Gold mastercard/VISA Card Titanium Mastercard/ Platinum VISA
Membership Fee FREE (1st Year) FREE (1st Year) FREE (1st Year)
Renewal Fee BDT 1,000 + VAT BDT 2,000+ VAT BDT 2,500+ VAT
*Renewal Fee Waiver by Transactions 18 NOs 18 NOs 15 NOs
Spouse Card Fee FREE FREE FREE
Supplementary Card Fee FREE FREE FREE
Card Replacement Fee(Any type of replacement except renewal) BDT 500 + VAT BDT 500 + VAT BDT 500 + VAT
PIN Regeneration Fee BDT 100 + VAT BDT 100 + VAT BDT 100 + VAT
Required Minimum Payment 5% of total outstanding or BDT 500 whichever is higher
Payment Due Date As per statement
Interest Free Period Maximum 45 days - Minimum 15 days**
Interest Charge 1.66% per month 1.66% per month 1.66% per month
Cash Advance Limit 50% of Limit 50% of Limit 50% of Limit
Cash Advance Charge 2.5% or BDT 250 whichever is higher
Cash Advance Interest 1.66% per month 1.66% per month 1.66% per month
Fund transfer processing fee for adding money to bKash/ any mobile wallet 1.5 % of total withdrawal amount
Card Cheque Book Issuance Fee BDT 200 for 1st book & onward
Card Cheque Trnx Processing Fee 2% or BDT 250 whichever is higher
BEFTN Trnx Processing Fee (only for Mastercard) 1.5% or BDT 200 whichever is higher
Late Payment Fee BDT 300 +VAT BDT 500 + VAT BDT 500 + VAT
Over Limit Fee BDT 500 + VAT BDT 750 + VAT BDT 1000 + VAT
Cheque Return Fee FREE FREE FREE
Outstation Cheque Collection Fee FREE FREE FREE
Statement Retrieval Fee BDT 100/Statement BDT 100/Statement BDT 100/Statement
e-Statement FREE FREE FREE
CIB Charge BDT 100 +VAT BDT 100 +VAT BDT 100 +VAT
SMS Charge BDT 100 +VAT BDT 100 +VAT BDT 100 +VAT
CreditShield Coverage (Insurance premium) Charge BDT 0.35% BDT 0.35% BDT 0.35%
*** CreditShield coverage
  • 100% outstanding coverage upto credit limits (Permanent Total Disability (PTD), Normal/accidental death).
  • 100% financial benefit for family member upto credit limit (Normal/accidental death).
  • Additional coverage under Accidental Death Insurance Policy.
  • (Subject to provide the supporting documents and fulfill the terms and condition of CreditShield coverage)

*** Accidental death benefit under CreditShield coverage BDT 100,000 BDT 300,000 BDT 500,000
Limit Enhancement Fee BDT 200 + VAT BDT 200 + VAT BDT 200 + VAT
Standing Instruction Service FREE FREE FREE
Sales Slip Retrieval Fee BDT 100/Slip BDT 100/Slip BDT 100/Slip
Legal Charge At actual At actual At actual
Reward Point 1 (one) point for every BDT 50 on POS & e-Commerce transaction only (except add money to mobile wallet)
Cash Back against reward point For VISA Platinum & Mastercard Titanium only ****

* POS, e-Commerce & Card Cheque transaction only
** Condition apply
*** Benefit under CreditShield coverage only for regular Cardmember
**** For Every 100 points, equivalent BDT 25 will be credited to VISA Platinum & Mastercard Titanium account as per request 15% VAT applicable on all service fees

Particulars 2021 2020
Long Term AA3 AA3
Short Term ST-2 ST-2
Outlook Stable Stable
  • AA3

    Very strong capacity
    Very high quality
    Very low credit risk

  • ST-2

    High grade
    Strong capacity
    Commendable liquidity

Rated by Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited(CRAB)
Based on audited financial statements up to December 31, 2020, unaudited financial statements as of March 31, 2021 and other relevant quantitative as well as qualitative information up to the date of rating declaration (July 19, 2021)
Valid up to June 30, 2022