Success Stories

Rubina Alam

The tale of a tigress, Mrs. Rubina Alam:

“I failed many times but I rise again” – these words of Rubina Alam can be seen as inspiration for each and every women across countries. In 1984, a girl who came to Dhaka and started a job worth bdt 250.00, now she runs a garment factory with 400 worker. In 3 decades she also works in Middle east and work with German company. Her products from Ruby Fashions are going to places in home and abroad. At one point in time her husband joined the business to make the operations robust. To get finance she went to door to door of various institutions but failed. Finally LankaBangla came to her with its supportive hand. Now she is well aware of her employees well being. She believes that if her employees are taken care of, they will take care of her business. She believes that the scope of work for women is increasing in the country.

Rubina contacted LankaBangla’s SME department, not being sure of what their response would be. LankaBangla believes in the empowerment of women in the country and has been striving to provide the necessary support to women all along. The SME department looked into Rubina's passion and business proposition.

Rubina’s dreams saw a brighter path to success when her loan was approved. And her dream world of Ruby Fashion began on the path to reality. Now, step by step, the wheels of Ruby Fashion began to turn towards a positive future. Her products reach all the districts of Bangladesh, she is a unique example of woman empowerment, and a name in the industry as a dependable business, mass producer of garments.

Rubina Alam

Rita Das and emerging entrepreneur: Jotsna Traders:

Majority people generally don't encourage women to be in business, and that is the main obstacle for the women to enter into business activities and also to become successful in business. Some faced difficulty in getting cash payment from wholesalers, the problems of illiteracy and lack of knowledge, the troubles created through the teasing of women entrepreneurs by young people, the pressure and demand of unusual tolls which created crisis in business transactions, and the conservative mentality of the society and the general public regarding women's business involvement. Women participate more in SME products than large industrial items due to lack of finance, knowledge and other related requisites.

A business is often easy to perceive on pen and paper, but the most difficult of feats to conceive in reality. With nobody to back him up, She looked up every possible source of finance. At last, at the suggestion of a well-wisher, he visited LankaBangla. LankaBangla has always been a name that has believed in the small but promising aspects of the small enterprises in the country. Rita’s case was no different, and soon, equipped with his very first SME Loan in 2014, she set the course of his voyage towards a business he had learned the ins and outs of, but this time as the captain of his own ship.Currently she holds approximately 50 people in her company involved in fabric business.