Our strategic direction based on broad priorities & developed to build momentum

Diversify portfolio

prudently for value with increased focus on core product portfolio

  • Build a strong core product portfolio with high focus on corporate financial services
  • Drive consumer finance to excel through a differentiated strategy
  • Build momentum in SME financial services
  • Grow our leading position in capital markets
  • Expand geographical reach in the major cities/township of the country
  • Collaborate with large corporate houses for mutually beneficial relationship
  • Manage enterprise risk effectively
  • Maintain good asset quality and strive to keep incremental infection at zero

Prudent Balance

Sheet Management

  • Strengthen our capital base and improve our funding positions
  • Diversify our funding sources
  • Optimize the deployment of fund and capital across core businesses and the subsidiaries

Simplify processes

& reduce cost

  • Continuously improve key areas of customer service
  • Simplify processes and ensure disciplined expense management
  • Upgrade our technology to ensure efficiency and competitive edge


A sustainable brand

  • Invest in our brand and promote our services to chosen markets
  • Ensure good governance and transparency
  • Increase contribution to the national exchequer through increasing profitability
  • Increase support to underprivileged population in health and education through LB Foundation
  • Assume environmental stewardship and responsibility in changing lives of the ordinary

Nurture our people

through leadership and skill development

  • Nurture high skilled talent pool
  • Create congenial work environment to deliver the best performance
  • Ensure attractive benefit packages
  • Promote high ethical standards

Forward Looking

LankaBangla Finance being a forward thinker, has been adopting advanced innovation solution with enhanced adaptability. It has enhanced its capacity with required changes to bring about a stable, financially sound structure that exercises due care when providing financial services to customers. As near future, the world is likely to have changed drastically from what we know now, and the planet’s economic and financial landscape will be no exception. What would be that next big leap in the financial landscape of Bangladesh, is well deemed and happening NOW in our territory.

  • LankaBangla Finance group will look for success by combining business domain, analytics, and artificial intelligence(AI) experts who understand algorithms and new techniques, as well as data engineers/scientists who can work with cloud technology and machine learning systems.
  • In 2018, we would put high emphasis on the Retail and SME Financial Services to achieve a fragmented portfolio to diversify risk and high yield. Through establishing credit delivery channels, staffed with the required skill sets, making improved process flow, and decentralizing credit decisions, we will expand our business at high pace.
  • With the objective of optimizing the Company’s funding mix, we would look forward to more diversified sources of fund. The Cost of Fund is also anticipated to come down with the diversification of the Company’s’ funding portfolio. ALCO will be more vibrant in 2018 to tap market level opportunities.
  • We would be upgrading our interface and functions by using latest technology, systems and tools. This will increase operational efficiency, reduce lead time, and speed up customer service. It will also enable quicker information dissemination to loan and liability clients, thereby saving cost.
  • We believe product diversification is the key to achieving customer satisfaction by meeting the tailor made needs of customers. Innovation would be a continuously sought out strategy in the foreseeable future.
  • In 2018, more emphasis will be given to running the branches more independently so that we can deliver the finest customer service. Branch will be the main focal point and one stop service delivery center for business acquisitions, retention and development, and for providing customer care and maintaining relationship with all parties.
  • Cost control will be one of the top strategies for 2018. We would take initiatives to reduce cost to income ratio as minimum as possible.
  • Continuous monitoring will be done to restrict NPL at a tolerable low level. Initiatives will be taken to increase the efficiency level of Recovery & Monitoring team and Special Asset Management Team to reduce NPL at minimum level.
  • While we engage in our activities we will be maintaining strict compliance and good governance in norms and regulations to ensure long term sustainability of the company. Putting priority in ecological balance of the environment, we plan to grow together with our stakeholders.