History of LankaBangla Finance Limited

LankaBangla Finance Limited started its journey long back in 1997 as a joint-venture financial institution with multinational collaboration having license from Bangladesh Bank under Financial Institution Act-1993. Now LankaBangla is the country’s leading provider of integrated financial services including corporate financial services, retail financial services, CMSME financial services, stock broking, corporate advisory and wealth management services. Under the broadest umbrella of products and service offerings, we are the only NBFI to operate credit card (Mastercard and VISA).

Corporate Profile

Two decades back LankaBangla Finance Limited started its journey in 1997 as a joint-venture financial institution in multinational collaboration with a license from Bangladesh Bank under Financial Institution Act-1993. Today, LankaBangla is the country’s leading integrated financial services provider that include Corporate Financial Services, Personal Financial Services, CMSME Financial Services, Liability Management, Stockbroking, Corporate Advisory and Wealth Management Services

LankaBangla has implemented business process re-engineering to build capacity for its clients’ superior service experience. The company now operates from a centralized administrative framework through cutting edge technological environment. LankaBangla is fueling a wide operational periphery covering major business hubs of the country.

Under a wide umbrella of products and services, LankaBangla is the only financial institution to operate credit card (Master and VISA) and also provide third party card processing services to different banks in Bangladesh.

LankaBangla is the market leader in the capital market services and has been giving an all-out effort to develop an efficient, vibrant and transparent capital market in Bangladesh. Its subsidiary, LankaBangla Securities Limited is providing top-notch brokerage services and leading the industry with cutting edge trading, top rated research information, and customer service. The group has another subsidiary, LankaBangla Investments Limited. It is a premier investment bank in the country providing corporate advisory, issue management, and portfolio management services. LankaBangla Asset Management Company Limited is providing professional wealth management services to some of its customers. In quest of sustainable business, LankaBangla is positioning itself to provide enduring value to the people, customers, shareholders and the communities. There are other key divisions involved in setting up strategic priorities and upholding the living standard of our community. These divisions are involved among many others in prudent balance sheet management operation and maintenance of a strong IT infrastructure and recruiting as well as nurturing topnotch human resources.

LankaBangla Finance is the recipient of National Award for Best Published Accounts and Reports for the past few years announced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). It also received “Best Presented Annual Report” for consecutive four years (2014-2017) from South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) (an Apex body of SAARC). This is undoubtedly an igniting accomplishment and it is a reflection of ethical practices, right compliance and a great team work.

LankaBangla practices participatory management and adheres to industry’s best practices in all its endeavors. Increasing stakeholders’ value is a natural driving force for the people at LankaBangla.

Our long-standing sustainability efforts are creating environmental and social value while we move forward. By embracing high ethical standards, governance, and transparency, LankaBangla dreams to go further and grow bigger. Its ethos is simple. The company envisions its success lies in becoming the growth partner of its enterprising clients. LankaBangla is committed to empowering lives and inspire changes in community.

Mission, Vision & Values

TO BE THE MOST PREFERRED FINANCIAL service provider in creating, nurturing and maximizing value to the stakeholders, thereby, GROWING TOGETHER.


  • Be a growth partner for our customers, ensuring financing and superior experience
  • Maintain a culture of meritocracy in the DNA of the company
  • Be sustainable and ensure quality returns to our valued shareholders
  • Uphold efforts to develop our community

Core Values:
We have strong values that are well embedded in our culture. Our values create the following goals to help us deliver our strategy:

  • Cherish a sense of ownership
  • Be customer centric
  • Grow as a team
  • Act with integrity & professionalism
  • Deal with respect

Our Strategy

  • Diversifying Portfolio with sustainable innovation
  • Creating Convenience for our Customer
  • People are the business
  • Create a Sustainable Brand
  • Prudent Balance Sheet Management

Forward Looking

With a view to growing together, as it has done successfully for the previous two decades, LankaBangla adheres to bring in fresh ideas to fruition by adopting innovative solutions with resilience. LankaBangla aspires to construct a financially sound framework for the future with pliability by making essential adjustments in its system, without compromising its basic values, in order to provide a revitalized and reliable system for its customers.

With the nation embarking on its path to the new normal and a business-as-usual economy in 2021, despite its infirmities, the world seems to have no choice but to adapt and improve its strategies in order to walk in an eventful path of masstransformation, both as a nation and as an organization. Let’s take a look at what next major shift in Bangladesh’s financial climate is likely to go through, which is currently underway in our domain by implementing and ameliorating well thought out strategies.

  • As adeptly it has performed in the preceding years, we hope to maximize the continuing growth of our asset portfolios, largely through the CMSME business, honing substantial yields on the CMSME assets.
  • LankaBangla Group aims to strive for success by bringing together specialists in business domains, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) who has got good grasp in algorithms and innovative methodologies, as well as data experts who are familiar with cloud technology and machine learning algorithms.
  • With the goal of not falling behind its peers and incorporating evolving models into its algorithms, LankaBangla intends to be a Fintech company in the near future and has begun to walk in its footsteps to shift its activities completely to digital from working with the digital channels for customer experience to executing and monitoring various digital programs for retail and CMSME, as well as rolling out on different future projects, for example to launch hub and spokes model and various automated schemes.
  • We intend to improve our interface and functionality by utilizing cutting-edge technology, systems, and tools. This will improve operational efficiency, shorten turnaround time, and engage customers. It will also allow for faster information dissemination to loan and liability clients, saving money.
  • In the wake to push ourselves towards being digital, we opt to optimize our human resources, increasing employee productivity through improved performance measure metrics and newer performance evaluation system.
  • By launching the hub and spokes model, and eventually establishing more hubs that will support the spokes, LankaBangla will try to walk towards a wider geographic reach especially for its CMSME business.
  • We will focus on maintaining a strong grip on our NPLs being in bearable limits, which had increased due to various regulations by the regulators, as well as show tenacity towards our collection strategies, by better aligning external regulations with our internal policies.
  • While carrying out our activities, we shall cohere to strict conformity and good governance in terms of norms and regulations in order to ensure the company's long-term viability. We intend to grow in collaboration with our stakeholders, with a focus on ecological balance.

Board of Directors

Management Team

Award & Achievements


  • Received Bangladesh Fintech Award 2021 for Fintech Innovation of the year Shikha Chatbot – Honorable Mention
  • Excellence in MasterCard Contactless 2020-21
  • Excellence in MasterCard Credit Business (Domestic) 2020-21
  • Joint First Runners Up – Corporate Governance
  • LankaBangla Finance Achieves PCI DSS Certification


  • ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Reports 2020
  • Second Position – Integrated Reporting Category
  • ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Reports 2020
  • Joint First – Corporate Governance Disclosure Category
  • ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Reports 2020
  • Certification of Merit – Financial Service Sector Category
  • South Asian Federation of Accounts (SAFA) SAARC Anniversary Award 2020
  • Joint Second Runners Up – Integrated Reporting Category
  • South Asian Federation of Accounts (SAFA) SAARC Anniversary Award 2020
  • LankaBangla Finance Limited Achieves ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification


  • Received ICAB Best Presented Annual Report 2019
  • Received ICAB Corporation Governance Disclosures Award 2019
  • Received ICAB Integrated Reporting Award 2019
  • Received SAFA Best Presented Annual Report, Integrated Reporting
  • Award and SAARC Anniversary Award 2019


  • Received ICAB Integrated Report Award 2018
  • Received SAFA BPA Best Presented Annual Report Awards 2018
  • Received ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Reports 2018


  • Received ICMAB Best Corporate Award 2017
  • Received ICAB Corporate Governance Award 2017
  • Received ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Reports 2017<
  • Received SAFA Best Presented Annual Report 2017
  • Received SAFA Corporate Governance Award 2017


  • Received SAFA Best Presented Annual Report Awards 2016
  • Received ICMAB Best Corporate Award 2016
  • Received ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Reports 2016


  • Received SAFA BPA Award 2015 for Best Presented Annual Report under Financial Service Sector category-(Winner)
  • Received 16th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Report, 2015 as 2nd Position
  • Received Membership Certificate of the Singapore Institution of Management (SIM)


  • Received Best Presented Annual Report Awards and SAARC Anniversary Awards for Corporate Governance Disclosures 2014-(Winner)
  • Received 15th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Report 2014 as 2nd Position on
  • Received ICMAB Best Corporate Award-2014


  • Received 14th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Report 2013 as 3rd Position
  • Received ICMAB Best Corporate Award 2013


  • Received Best Presented Annual Report Awards and SAARC Anniversary Awards for Corporate Governance Disclosures 2011 by South Asian Federation of Accounts (SAFA)
  • Received 12th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Report 2011 as 3rd Position
  • Received Best Presented Accounts Awards 2010 by South Asian Federation of Accounts (SAFA) as 1st Runner Up-Joint
  • Received ICMAB Best Corporate Award 2011 as 2nd Position on 2011


  • Received 11th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Accounts & Report 2010 as 3rd Position


  • 10th ICAB National Awards for Best Published Accounts & Reports 2009-3rd Position


  • Received 9th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Accounts & Report 2008 as 2nd Position


  • Received 8th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Accounts & Report 2007 as 3rd position


  • Received 7th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Accounts & Report 2006 as 3rd Position


  • Financial News Service (FNS) Award 2005 for Best Performing Leasing Company

Our Milestone

Code of Conduct

Guiding Principles

LankaBangla is a value driven organization with strict adherence to principles even if the situation sometimes provides temporary benefit to the company. The guiding principles are set with the objective of upholding the company’s reputation and dignity and treating them as absolutely priceless. The company’s affairs get the utmost priority of all the employees.

Our reputation not only affects whether or not someone will be our customer, it also determines whether we are proud to be associated with this organization.

The Code of Conduct is designed to guide the employees of the company to observe, comply with the prudential norms of conduct, manner and behavior. It is in alignment with the Company’s Vision and Values to achieve the Mission and Objectives, and aims at enhancing the ethical and transparent process in managing the affairs of the Company. It also applies to every employee of LankaBangla and may be furnished to others for discharging the responsibilities. In addition to the ethical guidelines included in the code, there are many laws and regulations that affect each of the business that we do. Complying with law is mandatory for everyone and is not subject to business priorities or individual decision.

Personal Responsibilities

  • Be an ethical role model by maintaining integrity and devotion to work
  • Protect and enhance company’s interest, dignity and reputation
  • Act in accordance with the highest standards, professionalism and excellence in quality output
  • Adherence to the company’s policies, rules and regulations that obviously apply to the job
  • Always act and behave like an ambassador of the company

Marketplace Responsibilities

  • Act responsibly in all sorts of communications with customers, suppliers, vendors, partners and regulatory authorities
  • Safeguard the privacy, confidentiality and security of customer data
  • Make only factual and truthful statements about company’s products & services
  • Gather business intelligence properly and ethically
  • Prevent the use of company’s services against money laundering purposes

Workplace Responsibilities

  • Treat colleagues with respect and dignity
  • Support the company’s commitment to diversity and equal employment opportunity
  • Provide a positive work environment free from intimidation and harassment
  • Do not hold any outside positions with, or accept business opportunities from anyone who does business or competes with the company
  • Ensure that financial records are accurate and complete
  • Maintain an effective system of internal control and compliance over financial reporting and operational activities
  • Protect company’s assets and properties

Corporate Citizenship

  • Support all communities and optimize contributions to the society
  • Protect the general safety and the environment
  • Respond to public and cooperate with the government